October 2016:  I recently traveled to New Kensington PA, to take the USCCA Instructors Course from Klint Macro of Trigger Pressers Union.  Klint is a Nationally recognized NRA and USCCA training counselor. 


Trenton Triggers - Woman's Day At The Range was held at the Trenton Fish & Game Club on Saturday, May 21, 2016.   Julia Roberts and her crew did a great job  putting on this event, with 100 shooters in attendance!  Thank you to Aaron and Bob who answered the call, with very short notice, to come up and serve as Range Safety Officers (They both earned their RSO rating from AirWing Marksmanship Training in 2016).

I hope that the ladies that came through my station, SIRT Laser Pistol Training, had a good time and learned some new pistol skills.

November 2016:  NRA Training Counselor.  After attending the 3-day Training Counselor Development Workshop at NRA Headquarters, in Fairfax VA, I am now certified to train NRA Instructors.    Perspective NRA Instructors must be well experienced in the discipline they wish to become certified in.  The NRA requires that all new Pistol Instructors take the Phase-1 online training before attending a Pistol Instructor class. It’s strongly recommended that Rifle and Shotgun instructors attend an NRA Basic class as well.

There are....

  • 6,000,000 NRA Members
  • 120,000 NRA Certified Instructors
  • 2100 NRA Training Counselors, of which only about 500 are actively certifying new instructors.

February 2018:  The NRA Refuse to be a Victim seminar is a timely and practical learning event.  I was recently certified to teach this class, as well as train other instructors, and will be scheduling events soon

Using the SIRT pistol, students can train almost anywhere, including a local Senior Center or American Legion Post. 

New Certification:   NRA CCW Instructor and Training Counselor.  In the summer of 2019 I took the student and instructor training for the new NRA CCW modular training course.  Both included safety, academics, gun handling and a written test.  The student class has a required live fire training component.  The instructor class has a challenging live fire qualification.  I hope to have a full schedule of student classes listed starting in the Spring of 2020.

AirWing Marksmanship Training

Firearms Training, Pistol and Rifle Classes, Reloading Classes, Range Safety Officer Classes

New York State Hunter Education Classes for Big and Small Game Hunting, including Cross Bow, to be offered in the Spring and Fall.  See the Class Schedule page for more info.

I recently attended the Glock Armorer Course, lead by a highly skilled factory technician.  As an instructor, I value learning new skills as much as teaching them to others.